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A native of Rocky Hill, Connecticut, Attorney Paxton graduated magna cum laude from North Carolina Central University School of Law in Durham, North Carolina in 2008.  She worked at a large law firm for a while and then founded her own legal practice, The Oaks Firm, in 2009.  The Oaks Firm helped homeowners and consumers with Loan Modifications, Foreclosure Defense, Bankruptcy and Short Sales, to name a few.  During her time at The Oaks Firm, Attorney Paxton has been the proud recipient of the Superstar Trailblazer Award from People You Need to Know Magazine and has been featured in the Who’s Who of Atlanta several times over.  


While her legal business was thriving, Attorney Paxton was not. Overwhelmed, stressed and feeling the pressure of the expectations clients place on attorneys, Misty was wondering how much longer she could keep up her high-pressure lifestyle.  She became increasingly despondent with the practice of law and was searching for something that she could really put her passion into.  After all, Misty is a very creative person.  As a singer/songwriter, a former radio personality, a toy developer, an actress and a deeply spiritual being, Misty felt restrained by having to be the buttoned-up attorney all the time.  The weight of who she was expected to be by her clients, her colleagues, and her community was getting heavier by the day.  


At that point, Attorney Paxton had already been reading Birth, Love and Destiny Cards for about 10 years and started giving readings to friends and family members who were curious.  The feedback was astounding.  Everyone seemed to love it.  They wanted more.  And Misty wanted to give them more.  She fell in love with the work she was doing and her passion was set on fire by sharing it.  Being a perpetual student, she dove into the area of spirituality, metaphysics, readings, and energy healing full force, fascinated by all that she was learning. Never before had she felt that she was in exactly in the right place and living her purpose, until she followed the path of her deepest calling.  Today, Attorney Paxton has helped countless clients get in tune with their higher selves and callings.  She has provided guidance and confirmation through her readings, she has provided knowledge and insight through her teachings, and she has helped hundreds take back control of their minds, their lives, and their destinies.  


Misty is a certified Meditation and Mindfulness Coach, a Spiritual Life Coach and an energy healer who practices EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping) to remove subconscious blockages and guide her clients towards success.  Tuning forks and crystals are among some of her favorite healing tools in her toolbox.  She is also a gifted intuitive reader who uses Tarot Cards, Birth Cards, Love Cards & Destiny Cards to give her clients guidance and confirmation.  She is available for speaking engagements, workshops, panels and seminars of all kinds!  She is in high demand at Corporations, Law Firms, Schools, Women’s Groups and anywhere there is a need for enlightenment and empowerment.  

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