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Misty is available for private readings, group readings, and “Mini Readings” for your next party or event.  Rates vary.  Distance readings are also available by telephone, FaceTime and Skype.


$45 for 30 minutes


$45 for 30 minutes


$25 for 20 minutes


$60 for 1 hour


Tarot Cards are an ancient divinatory tool that reflect to us the truth of where we are in the present moment in our lives.  They shed light on the people, places and things playing a role in our current state of being.  They provide guidance and confirmation of where we are on our path and how to make adjustments to correct our path, if necessary.  Misty reads the cards intuitively, as she is guided by spirit to deliver the message that is for your best and highest good.  If you are seeking answers to your hearts burning questions, a Tarot Reading is a wonderful asset to assist you on your journey.

Birth/Love/Destiny Cards

In this type of reading you will learn all about Y-O-U!!  Your Birth Card reveals who you are and why you do the things you do Your Planetary Ruling Card reveals the way you see the world.  Your Love Cards reveal the reasons and energy behind your relationships with others.  Your Destiny Cards reveal your major area(s) of focus for the year, your year-long blessings, your year-long challenges and more!


Oracle Cards

Whereas Tarot Cards help give you guidance on your journey through life, Oracle Cards are personalized messages to you and about you, from your Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Guides and Energetic Forces working in your favor.  They may alert you to certain aspects of yourself that you need to pay attention to, to cultivate more, to share with the world, or to let go.  There are an infinite number of messages that spirit may be trying to communicate to you, and the Oracle Cards allow those messages to come through loud and clear. 


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping)

Think of it as emotional acupuncture!  EFT is one of the simplest, yet most powerful energy healing techniques we have available to us today.  In a session, we will tap through ANY ISSUE that is weighing heavy on your heart and consuming your thoughts.  From anxiety, to weight loss, to phobias, to addictions and everywhere in between, EFT changes things.  We can literally change the flow of energy within your body and “re-program” your mind, body and energy for success.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping)

$45 for 30 minutes

$60 for 1 hour


Chakra Clearing

The word Chakra means “wheel” in ancient Sanskrit and refers to the body’s 7 main energy centers (though there are more than 7).  Each “energy wheel” corresponds to a set of emotional, physical and spiritual issues.  If you are feeling out of balance, depressed, anxious, worried, stressed, angry or any other negative vibration, it is likely that one or more of your Chakras is blocked.  Together, we will use the healing power of crystals, sound and aroma to unblock your chakras and free your energy once again!


With Crystals, Sound & Aromatherapy

$50 for 30 minutes

$75 for 1 hour

Add Sound and/or Crystal Healing to any service for just $20 more!



Attorney Paxton is a counselor at law, both man-made societal laws, and Higher Universal laws.  In a one-on-one consultation, Misty will be fully present to listen to your story, to discern the energy you bring to the space and intuitively share the message that spirit is delivering to you specifically.  You will walk away with solid action steps to apply on your soul’s evolutionary journey.  Meditation and/or Sound Therapy may be incorporated into your coaching session.


$50 for 1 hour - limited time only

(Reg. $75/hr)

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