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Ase': What It Is & Why It's Important

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

You may have seen it spelled Asé, Ashe or Axé. You may have heard someone yell it out at an event or after a prayer. You may have wondered how to pronounce it and what it means exactly, or this may be your very first exposure to the word, and you’re wondering the very same thing. Relax. Take a deep breath. And prepare to say Asé when you finish reading this.

Asé (pronounced Ah-Shay) is an African word from the Yoruba language, which originated in the country of Nigeria. Asé means three very important things:

#1 (And the most widely known meaning)- Asé is a word of affirmation, similar to the word ‘Amen’ at the end of a prayer. It means, “Right on!” “Yes!” “I’m with you!” “I can dig it.” So when someone says something you like, say Asé loud and proud, for it is definitely not a meek and retiring word. It is bold and powerful and affirms out loud that which resonates in your heart as true. Asé?

#2 Asé is a word that means life force or life energy, similar to the concept of Prana in Sanskrit or Qi in Asia. Each person comes into this life with a certain amount of life force, which can be increased or decreased throughout our lives, depending on our choices. For example, negative thoughts and actions can decrease your life force and positive thoughts and actions can increase it. In the Yoruba culture, it is said that our Ancestors bring us the Asé. Those that have come before us have generated for us and leave behind for us a certain gravitas that becomes our Asé in this lifetime. Similarly, our descendants, those who come after us, increase our Asé as they help increase our bloodline and therefore our influence on this Earth.

#3 (And perhaps the most important meaning)- Asé means the power to create that which you speak. As we’ve already discussed, Asé means life force, so it makes sense then that you are adding life force onto every word that comes out of your mouth. This is one of the many reasons it is crucial to be careful of what you are saying. It is imperative to choose your words wisely and intentionally. If you only realized how much Asé you have to create that which you speak, you would become much more aware of the words you add your life force to.

So the next time you hear something that moves you down to your soul, the next time you contemplate the impact your energy has on the world, or the next time you wish to manifest something by speaking it into existence, finish it off by saying “Asé” with all of your Asé!

Written by: Misty Oaks Paxton, The Spiritual Attorney ®

(c) 2019

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