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New Moon, Who Dis?

The Moon influences the ebb and flow of the Ocean’s tides. Its gravitational force affects the bodies of water here on Earth. Being that we humans are made up of at least 60% water, it’s safe to say the Moon has a profound affect on us, whether we realize it or not.

Working with the cycles of the Moon has been practiced throughout civilizations since the beginning of time. Our ancient ancestors intuitively knew that the Moon bore a certain power that could be harnessed for our benefit here on Earth.

What we now know is that the Moon cycles are very powerful times to do our spiritual work. Mother Moon can give us that extra boost of energy to manifest our desires or the extra strength and determination to release that which no longer serves us.

Tonight, December 4, 2021 is both a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse. This is a prime time to end your 2021 off right and kick off your 2022 even righter!

How to Work With The New Moon

New Moons are a perfect time to shed that old skin that no longer serves you. With this being the last New Moon of the year, we have a unique opportunity to reflect on all that has happened during these past 11 months and to decide what worked well for us and what did not. What habits, beliefs, behaviors, and mindsets are helping us to become our best and highest selves and which ones do we need to discard as albatrosses that keep us from actualizing our dreams and deepest desires.

This New Moon is a great time to sit with yourself in silence and solitude to process the year in review. Or if you prefer to do your work with a circle of like-minded individuals who can collectively heal together, call your tribe and make it happen this weekend! Gather your journals, crystals, candles, sacred instruments, sacred herbs and make this New Moon the one where you shed all that no longer serves you once and for all.

Examples of New Moon exercises you can do are:

Journaling: Writing down all that you have learned this year about yourself. Where you have been, what goals you have accomplished, where you may need to make adjustments. Get it all out onto the paper.

Dance: Move those hips! Play some tribal drums, some shamanic flutes, or even some hip-hop that gets you pumped up (Happy Birthday to Jay-Z by the way!). Just get moving! Moving your body will help you shake off all that pent up energy and set you up for a clean slate to create whatever you wish.

Readings: If you happen to have Tarot or Oracle Cards, you can do a reading for yourself. Ask the questions you wish to know the answer to and then intuitively the pull cards you feel drawn to. This does not have to be complicated. Don’t think about it, just do it.

Burning Bowl: Write down on a sheet of paper all that you wish to release. These can be absolutely ANYTHING. Clutter, confusion, negativity, procrastination, jobs that you can’t stand, people that mean you no good, old relationships you’ve been clinging to…all the things that are holding you back from your greatest potential. Then, in a metal bowl or fireplace, burn the list carefully and safely. As the list is burning, repeat a mantra of your choosing that will reinforce your separation from these things. For example: “I let go of my lower self to become my higher self.” Or, "I release the old and embrace the new."


Eclipses are always very powerful astrological events. They present rare opportunities for us to check in with ourselves and make our requests clear to the Universe.

The Moon deals with our subconscious minds, our unseen emotions. While the Lunar Eclipse invites us to check in with our emotional thermostat and regulate it, the Solar Eclipse asks us instead to get our minds right. The Solar Eclipse is an invitation to expand your mind and your thinking. In other words, THINK BIG.

If only for one night, be willing to release all the limitations you have placed on yourself, all the reasons why you think your dreams can’t become a reality, all the responsibilities you feel to make things happen and instead, just surrender. Make your intentions plain and surrender them to Mother Moon. Don’t worry about how they will happen or when or with whom.

Tonight is a perfect time to envision your 2022. This is the time to make your vision crystal clear and allow the Heavenly bodies to help you make it manifest here on Earth. What do you see for yourself in 2022? Write it down and hold it close.

If for some reason you are unable to take advantage of the Moon’s festivities tonight, no worries. The power of the New Moon can be felt for a couple of days before and after its appearance, so be sure to get it in sometime before Monday or Tuesday evening.

Happy last New Moon and Solar Eclipse of 2021!

With peace, light, and love from,

Misty Oaks Paxton

The Spiritual Attorney

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