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The Significance of 8/8? The Opening of the Lions Gate

Today is 8/8, the Opening of the Lions Gate. If you’re a person who is even remotely interested in the Law of Attraction and how the Laws of Manifestation work, then this day in particular will be of important significance to you.

Each year on August 8th the Lions Gate opens, and in a nutshell it means that, today of all days is one of the most potent days to exercise your manifestation muscle. At this time, the way is open and clear for you to manifest intangible thought energy into tangible physical matter. You have an open invitation from spirit to tap into your thoughts and, with ease, pull forth into physical reality that which your heart truly desires. You, as the powerful manifestor of your life experience have an open gateway to tap into the ethers and receive free-flowing assistance in manifesting your intentions into your life. If there is anything that you have been attempting to manifest, desiring, longing for, and wishing to come true, now is high time to turn on, tap in and tune up.

Tonight is also a New Moon! New Moons are perfect times to harness your energy and get very clear about what you desire. When you plant the seeds of your intentions during the New Moon, mother moon supports us in helping those seeds to flourish.

With tonight being the opening of the Lions Gate and a New Moon, here are 3 tips you can utilize to help turn your manifestation magic all the way up:

1- GET VERY CLEAR ON WHAT YOU DESIRE. Be honest with yourself about what you would truly like to see unfold in your life before your very eyes. And leave the limitations out of it! Leave your reasoning out of it! Do not rehearse all the reasons why it won’t work or what you need to do to make it work or all the reasons why it hasn’t worked before. That is NOT helpful. In fact, those limiting beliefs that may come up after you state what you truly desire, are exactly what’s holding you back from receiving those desires. So, my advice to you is to FOCUS solely on what you do want. If you must, state all the things you don’t want just to get them out the way, then, ask yourself one of the most powerful questions: WHAT DO I WANT? Begin to turn your attention to what you do want and define the answer to that question so that your desire is crystal clear to the Universe.

2- GET IN THE VORTEX OF THAT DESIRE. I told my husband the other day that I was going to stop using the term “manifesting,” because it implies that you have to “make” something happen, that you have to “create” it into being. But the truth is, that which we desire is already in existence and it is our job to align with the existence of it. Our part in the manifestation magic is to align with the “being-ness” of our desires. Act as of they are already a fact. Feel the feelings NOW that the manifested thing will bring us in our physical experience. Get in the Vortex! Turn down the noise around you, unplug from the Matrix, get real still and quiet, and get in the Vortex with your heart’s deepest desires. Align with the energy of the realized desire. Tune your energy to the desired frequency. And let that be your dominant vibration, NO MATTER WHAT. This is not something you do just one time during the opening of the Lions Gate, although this a great place to start. Getting in the Vortex with your desires is something you must decide to do regularly in order to fully align with the energy of your desire. It is a daily practice.

3- TURN IT OVER. This is the most potent part of manifestation that most of us (read 99.9% of us) have difficulty with. We are almost hard wired to try to control outcomes and everything in between to make sure we get our desired outcome. One lesson I am learning lately that the Universe has been hitting me in the head with is: THE UNIVERSE IS WAITING FOR YOU TO LET IT GO SO IT CAN WORK IT’S MAGIC FOR YOU!!! A lot of times things miraculously happen after we’re beat up, worn down, drained, and at our wits end with something. When we finally say, “Okay Universe, I give up! I’m done with it! I’m turning it over to you, cause I’ve had enough,” the Universe is waiting in the wings saying, “Yes finally! If you’re quite through trying to control the when, where, how, who, and why, I can step in and work my magic to dazzle you with more than you even thought possible.”

Turn it over to the Universe beloved. That thing you’ve been holding a vice grip on for sooooo long, and you want it soooo bad, and you’ve prayed for it, cried about it, been stressed about it, been working for it and hurting for it—TURN IT OVER TO THE UNIVERSE. Just say out loud, “I don’t know where, I don’t know when, I don’t know who it’s going to come through or how it’s going to come, but I trust that it’s on the way to me and I am open to being dazzled by how it will all unfold before me. Thank you, Universe for working with me to bring the desires of my heart into physical reality in my life.” AND THEN LET IT BE. If you trust—that means you do not worry. Once you turn it over to the Universe, you just continue to do the inner work required to remain in tune with the Universe’s leading towards that desire.

I know. I know it’s hard. I know it’s difficult. I know that’s the challenge and it’s the challenge for us all. But the surrender is the magic. Surrender to the magic that can and will happen in your life when you let go of the need to control outcomes.

I hope this was helpful. If you’re looking to exercise your manifestation muscle more, check out my book, FOCUS: Redirect The Magnifying Glass of Your Life to Live the Life of Your Dreams. It’s available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kindle and my website,

Peace, Blessings, and Happy Manifesting!


The Spiritual Attorney

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